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Scenario based self-access tutorials

I’m currently working on a branching scenario self-access stand-alone tutorial on treating trauma patients. The idea is that somebody turns up with injuries that present clinical choices to the practitioner. In standard MCQ style tutorials, is basically a three step process:

  1. Read/view scenario
  2. Choose one of available actions
  3. Receive feedback
This is fine, but doesn’t allow the learner to see consequences of their actions further down the line. Also, it is inauthentic in that in ‘real world’ situations there usually isn’t somebody at hand to give you feedback and allow you to guess again.

In the branching scenario the process is more authentic in respect of feedback, but also more complicated. The process I’m looking at goes like this:

  1. Read/view scenario
  2. Choose on of available actions
  3. Go to resulting situation
  4. Choose one of available actions
  5. Cycle through steps one to 4 till an endpoint is reached.
  6. Receive feedback
In addition I am finessing the process by reflecting back student decisions to them step 3:
“You have chosen to continue without attempting to obtain parental consent”.
The idea is that this will give learners pause for thought and contribute to some reflection.
Step 6 gives a summary of the previous steps: basically ‘you did these things right, you did these things wrong’ and the option to begin again.