Begin with your own thoughts

A week and a half from a departmental session on web technologies, the VLE, web2.0 and so on, I decide to brainstorm some ideas for

  1. content
  2. activities (the lucky beggars will be sat in front of real life computers)

So I start with what I have in my head and, a brainstorming website which is a little clunky but does the job of allowing one idea to lead to another and another until there are so many that I need to delete some. Then I go to Google docs and begin to assemble all this into lists.

Admiring my work, I notice it has very little scholarly content and I haven’t considered a single journal article nor, indeed, consulted the work of colleagues who I know have done similar sessions.

So I go to diigo and see that I have bookmarked a ton of stuff on this topic and begin interleaving the lists with supporting info.

I reckon this is a reasonable approach for topics like this, where:

  • I know something about it
  • any kind of search would become a wade into a torrent

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